About us

Queen of China Catholic Ministries is a 501(c)(3) non-profit Catholic ministry organization founded and run by the laity since 2008. Our mission is to bring the fullness of the truth of the Catholic Church to all Chinese living outside of Asia. Our U.S. office is located in Corpus Christi Texas: the city name for the Body and Blood of Christ. The major work of our ministry is producing evangelization materials to be used to bring the truth of the Catholic Faith to our Chinese brothers and sisters. They are available in English, Chinese traditional and simplified characters. We can also design something specifically for your parish or school. We have published the only Chinese Catholic language textbook ‘Go Therefore and Make Disciples of All Nations’. It is especially written for those who are called to evangelize the Chinese throughout the world. You can go to ‘Evangelization Publications‘  to place your orders. Visit us at http://qoccatholic.org .

“ 中華之后聖母天主教福傳會 ” 屬501(c)(3) 非營利組織機構由平信徒於 2008 年創立。宗旨為傳天主教的全真信仰給海外的華人。本部位於美國德州的基督聖體城 (Corpus Christi, Texas)。 我們出版了唯一的教中文天主教詞彙福傳用教科書及設計中文(繁/简)的福傳材料 ,専門提供給堂區和學校傳福音給華人兄弟姊妹們。 我們也能為您的堂區專門設計傳教材料。請點 “福傳作品系列” 來選擇本會所出版的福傳作品及教科書。